Sunday, February 16, 2014

Old Man

The “old man” of our carnal nature lurks ever vigilant.

Waiting patiently for the night of complacency to descend on our hearts and minds he is ready.

Possessing the power to escape we slowly become enthralled with the illusion of this life and turn our gaze.

Out of the mist of the forest he appears…

There's an old man living in the back of your woods tonight
You forgot he was even there, but you've never slipped his mind
He’s living off the scraps of you, you never knew you left behind
And as the sun goes down, he rises with a smile

He knows you have the answers, but Truth lies dusty on your shelf
And the sword that you could slay him with has become an ornament and nothing else
You could put him back down in his hole in the ground, but he knows you never will
He’s been around so long you got used to the smell

He knows Hell will never have your soul
But he will gladly rob you blind
While you're feasting at his table, he’ll tie your hands and numb your mind
He’ll take you farther than you wanna go
He’ll keep you longer than you wanna stay
And it will cost you more than you ever thought you'd pay

He’s waiting on the night to fall
The old man’s coming to call
You don't see the writing on the wall
He’ll never step out in the light
No, he’s just biding time
And while you slumber, he’s gonna come and take it all
He’s waiting on the night to fall
Casting Crowns

 O wretched man that I am!

How can I escape this old man that is taking me to my death?

Only by humble control by the Spirit.

Only by ceaseless immersion in the presence of God.

Only the naked soul in persistent prayer.

Romans 7 and 8

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