Monday, August 24, 2015

Road trip to Yoderville

Travelling across the sea swells of southeastern Ohio we arrived at our beautiful bed and breakfast. Only not quite so. Faux actually. This was the first time I stayed a night somewhere and from the start to the finish NEVER laid eyes on any employee whatsoever. There was no one at the desk so we called the number listed. We were given a code to our room. When we checked out we simply left. I assume the code was subsequently changed.

We discovered quickly that arriving in Amish country on a Sunday afternoon was a bad move. I am sure that even Chuck Norris could not get a decent meal anywhere within miles. This was Sunday and the place was as quiet as a Chick-Fil-A kitchen on the first day of the week. We ended up going to a Wal-Mart and purchasing some wonderfully fresh food. We noticed a sizable stall on the adjoining property. Empty Amish buggy spots. Apparently even they like Sam Walton--not on Sundays though.

Monday morning we began driving. Our heinies could have become numb from the driving but fortunately there are many places to exit and shop. We noticed that apparently everyone here has the same name.

Sheesh; and they say West Virginians are inbred. Well, we soon found another name. 


Easy to find actually. We just had to follow the road map left by previous buggy horses.


Those are not oil stains, friends. The Amish apparently have no issue with sunglasses (saw one with what could have been a nice pair of Oakley's) but they do horse bun bags. Not sure if these were coming or going from Heini's but I suspect likely leaving Heini's. Makes sense to me. 

Our time there was actually quite nice. These people truly make great cheese. You can sample an assortment and they will even cut it right there. In hindsight, that might not have been a good idea.Would have been nice to have a swallow of water from time to time and maybe even some floss. Would have completed the picture.

Alas, our time in Yoderville was all too short. As they say in their Pennsylvania Dutch,

Hallicher schmierkase !

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